Special Presentations

MC and Auctioneer

Jim Fagan

This year we are please to have MC Auctioneer Jim Fagan!  Jim will lead us with lots of laughs and a live auction for a few of our most sought after items!


 Dr. Michelle Gurvitz

Dr. Gurvitz is an assistant professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and a staff cardiologist with the Boston Adult Congenital Heart program at Children’s Hospital Boston and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Dr. Gurvitz is board certified in pediatrics, internal medicine and pediatric cardiology and has a Master’s degree in Health Services Research. Currently, Dr. Gurvitz divides her time between research and clinical care. Her research is primarily in areas of health services, long-term outcomes, and quality of care. She is a founding member of the Alliance for Adult Research in Congenital Cardiology and a member of the adult congenital committees of the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology. Dr. Gurvitz also maintains an active clinical practice seeing adults with congenital heart disease.

Dr. Mary Kay Klein

Mary Kay Klein’s daughter Karen was born with a complex CHD.  Karen and two friends started ACHA at a meeting in their home on Memorial Day weekend in 1997.  Karen was President of ACHA for the first four years; Mary Kay became one of the founding Board members (at a time when ACHA had only six members!), and served as the first Clerk and Treasurer. The ACHA office remained in her home until 2004, when ACHA had grown to the point where it needed larger space.  In 2001 Karen married James McNulty, another strong CHD advocate and early ACHA member.  They shared their passion for supporting the CHD community until her death in 2005.

Dr. Klein received her Ph.D. in Philosophy from Boston University, and had a 40 year career as a faculty member and administrator in several institutions of higher education.  She also served as Executive Director of the RUAH Spirituality Institute from 2000 to 2005. In her retirement she continues to advocate for the congenital heart community as a co-chair of the ALCHD.Mass Steering Committee, and as an active participant in ACHA and other CHD-related groups.   She has been involved in planning numerous local programs sponsored by ALCHD.Mass and Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries, and in last spring’s Care Hope Discover Conference in Waltham.

Dr. Klein and her husband, the Rev. Dr. Ted Klein, will celebrate their 50th anniversary this year.  They have two amazing heart-healthy sons, two wonderful daughters-in-law, and three grandchildren.

Annie Ritchings, Adult Survivor

Annie Ritchings was born in Lima, Peru in 1979 with HLHS, pulmonary stenosis, double inlet right atrium and double outlet right ventricle. She was adopted and had the two stage HLHS process, BT Shunt and classic Fontan, at Boston Children’s Hospital. She later developed CHF and cardiac cirrhosis. Annie works full-time as a dual executive assistant and project coordinator for a prominent Boston health care system. When she’s not working she is studying to get into nursing school or can be found volunteering at Quincy Animal Shelter. Annie is also an admin to the “Post Fontan CHD & Liver Challenges” on Facebook.